At the far end of a long, narrow garden stood an old tin roofed shed, stacked high with timber and old theatre staging.

As the design required a play area for the client’s three sons a decision was made to re-use as much existing timber as possible to construct a play fort, with the staging creating three separate platforms.

To form the main structure, twelve upright machined round poles were dug into the ground and concreted in place. The staging and various apparatus could then be bolted and fixed in place at the desired height.

On completion the fort includes a slide and two routes up via a climbing wall and scramble net, linked by high walkways and a wobble bridge. The structure is intended to emerge organically from the surrounding planting of Birch, Hazel and evergreen shrubs.

Using old weathered timber has given the fort a certain character and charm compared to standard ‘off the shelf’ play-sets and it has proved popular and been much used by family and friends.

It’s so cool!
— The Boys