Following a simple statement from the client to ‘create a beautiful garden!’ and a desire for some form of water to house an existing population of Frogs (currently dwelling under decaying old timbers) a plan was formed to pack as much planting and pond surface as possible into this relatively small area.

For seating, a Eucalyptus timber walkway leads across the pond to a deck with sun loungers surrounded by lush marginal planting including Gunneras, Darmeras and Bamboos. Wisteria grows over a simple timber pergola framing the deck.

Planting was carried out Autumn 2012 and having endured one of the longest and coldest Winters in recent memory is now flourishing in it’s first season of growth, including all pond planting, which in turn is providing an ideal habitat for wildlife. This has been achieved in no small part by careful maintenance and diligent watering by the client.